In american football, it's a blind side hit or block that one was not prepared for.
Jeff was just running down the field and got his clock cleaned by the purple people eater!
by mrbjt#51 June 29, 2006
Top Definition
The Nickname for the Vikings During the 70's because they crushed most of the teams in the NFL. However did not manage to win a Superbowl.
The Purple People Eaters Are Amazing!!!!
by T and C Rule! December 01, 2009
A morning kind of person. Typically tall and likes to draw. VERY VERY organized, neat, and clean. Enjoys fruits and juice. Although she's a shy giraffe, known to tease other lower ranked people. otherwise, can be a loving friend.
Is that someone skipping? Oh.. it's Meryssa the purple people eater.
by Meryssa bah beh February 15, 2010
The bong that "consumes" you when you smoke out of it
i was consumed by the purple people eater, alexis and i smoked together the first time ever outta it..and look where we are now :-)
by Steph January 23, 2005
A person of irish and arminian decent who enjoys bubble tea, low top chucks, and fire truck red hairdoo's. You can usually see them located randomly around upstate newyork. They also have a strong hatred for asian babys.
I saw the purple people eater pransing along the meadows the other day.
by Dane brooksman May 20, 2008
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