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when you slap your dick on a chicks face and it leaves a mark that turns purple and looks like a mushroom
I gave Suzie a purple mushroom, smacked it right across her face when she wasnt looking and now the outline of my dong is forming on her cheek
by donny iris January 27, 2005
When a bitch is polishing your knob, and you ram your member into the side of her cheeck (from the inside) hard enough to leave a bruise.
Janette was talking funny for a few days after I gave her a purple mushroom.
by DrLaser May 02, 2003
1. A low cost housing unit for smurfs on welfare
2. The act of smacking one's penis on a girls face leaving a bruise in the shape of a mushroom
3. What they look like after you've had too many of those 'Shrooms'.
1. After smurfette became a crack addict she started to whore herself to support her habbit. Now that silly slut can only afford to live in the purple mushrooms.
2. I gave her such a purple mushroom it left a welt!
3. Whoa, dude, I think I should be cut off... those are..PURPLE MUSHROOMS!!!
by Jesus Christ Superstar October 03, 2004
When you Slap your junk on a gurls forehead and it leaves a large purple lump like the top of a mushroom
man u c that gurls purple mushroom.... it takes up half of her head
by Meunit32 February 22, 2008
while recieving oral sex, the penis gets smacked on the girl's forehead strong enough to leave a bruise.
i have her a purple mushroom she'll never forget
by steven February 13, 2003
Penis being held tight on the stem, creating a purplish swelling on the head, resembling a mushroom.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 03, 2003
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