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purple head: the bell shaped extrusion at the out-ward facing end of a penis. at the summit of un-mutated purple heads lies a hole (usually called an 'eye') that continues through the penis and into the body. a white fluid is ejaculated out of the eye of a purple head.
those kids put itching powder in my calvins and now i've got an itchy purple head
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The purplish looking thing underneath your foreskin.
Very sensitive to prods and pokes, especially with needles and pencils.
Ouch, my purple head, put that pencil down.
by Andy Smith October 15, 2003
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The Top Purple Part of a Circumcised Penis.
"A Homeless man offered to show me his purple head"
-Family Guy
by Cool Swag November 11, 2013
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A strain of marijuana thus named for the purple hue of its matured buds. Arguably the source of Hendrix's Purple Haze ditty (don't quote me on that).
"Hey dude, that purple head is some killer shit" *coughs*
by Rahoolduke August 21, 2007
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A purplehead is someone who has dyed their hair purple. Streaks, highlights, tips, etc. do not count, only if the base color is purple. Once a purplehead, always a purplehead. While niggers are known for liking KFC, purpleheads are known for eating the souls of innocent children. Quite possibly the most hated race, worse than black people and jews combined. If you see a purplehead, kill it on sight.
"Look! Is that a purplehead?!"-Person1

"Yeah! I think it is! Let's get that fucker and eat his fucking heart!"-Any normal person that isn't a purplehead.

"OH NOES!"-purplehead.
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Purple head is when a girl pulls on a guy's dick so hard while sucking that it causes his head to turn purple.
My girlfriend Debra and I wanted to take our relationship the the next level last night and so she asked me if she could suck my dick. Since I was feeling horny, I pulled my pants down to my ankles and let her do her job. She started to suck on it and felt good. Ten minutes later, it started to get rough and so she took her hand and gave my dick a good tug. She pulled on it so hard that I screamed. My face turned purple. It was the worst night of my life. Purple head really hurts.
by bow-chica-wow-wow July 01, 2010
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