a hit of LSD in the 60's. it is not weed. people started calling it weed becasue they thought the jimi song was about weed but infact it is about acid. listen to the lyrics and you can tell that it is about LSD, not weed. some people refer to purple haired weed as purple haze but the real purple haze is LSD. jimi hendrix played every time with 1 hit of acid in each eye, 3 in his bandana, and 1 in his gums
purple haze, all around... dont know, if im COMIN UP OR DOWN.
by mike jones November 08, 2004
Purple Haze is EXTINCT. The seed company that produced it went down in the 50's or 60's i cant remember which. However there are other strains of purple weed, just not haze. If you dont beleive me try to find one seed company that produces or sells "purple haze" seeds. You wont be able to but you will find seeds called purple power, purple formula, purple cush, etc. These are some purple strains that exist, but there is no purple haze.
guy1: I got some purple haze
guy2: No, its probaly purple cush. Purple haze is extinct, but whatever, who cares what its called any purple stain is dank.
guy1: Yeah, Lets go smoke a bowl or two.
by chris334223 May 17, 2006
purple microdot acid cooked up by Bear Owsley
woh dude you look like a little green alien :)
by fatman January 08, 2005
Blue and red after shock mixed together.. its called purple haze. Nasty shit.
Man that purple haze got me mashed up.
by jaed March 14, 2005
Incredibly over-rated strain of cannabis.

The purple color denotes a lack of Potassium in the plant tissue, which can cause a drop in sugar production in the plant, possibly decreasing potency as well as flavor.

Most "stoners" think that purple means the pot is packing extra "punch". In reality (not pot induced fantasy), the purple color of the plant most often means either that:

1. It is of inferior quality and/or
2. that it does NOT increase the potency/flavor of the plant

Other causes for the coloring of the plants in temperature fluctuation, mostly when temperatures drop below about 55ºF.

So either way, purple does not mean the plant is better than the normal green plant, but that it is probably weaker than the another plant that is very green.

Stick with green kiddies...
"This purple haze bud is cronic!" -idiot
"Actually that bud sucks, try this shit" -intellegent person
"oh shit, thats way better!" -idiot (gaining intellegence slowly)
by Ishboo June 28, 2006
Haze Laced w/Purple TOp Crack Juice
A Drug Dealer is cooking purple top crack. He finishess. He dumps the crack roks in a bag. Then whats left in the pan is crack juice; The Left overs of oils, chemicals, liquid cokane and left over bakeing soda. Then THe Drug Dealer has a sack of haze. He pours the crack juice in to the sack of haze. Puts it out for it 2 dry then sells it as Purple Haze. Thats what some of us bangers in NYC do to keep you commen back. The Pothead never knows its laces with crack juice because its dried up and soaked with the weed.
by Hydrosik February 22, 2006

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