Incredibly over-rated strain of cannabis.

The purple color denotes a lack of Potassium in the plant tissue, which can cause a drop in sugar production in the plant, possibly decreasing potency as well as flavor.

Most "stoners" think that purple means the pot is packing extra "punch". In reality (not pot induced fantasy), the purple color of the plant most often means either that:

1. It is of inferior quality and/or
2. that it does NOT increase the potency/flavor of the plant

Other causes for the coloring of the plants in temperature fluctuation, mostly when temperatures drop below about 55ºF.

So either way, purple does not mean the plant is better than the normal green plant, but that it is probably weaker than the another plant that is very green.

Stick with green kiddies...
"This purple haze bud is cronic!" -idiot
"Actually that bud sucks, try this shit" -intellegent person
"oh shit, thats way better!" -idiot (gaining intellegence slowly)
by Ishboo June 28, 2006
Top Definition
A strong strain of mostly-sativa cannabis. JUST cannabis, NOT laced with anything. Lacing a smokable drug with LSD is IMPOSSIBLE and a bullshit urban legend! It will break down if you try to smoke it!
"Man, that purple haze I bought from Jim was amazing, it got me so fucked up!"
by JM May 03, 2003
Weed with purple hairs/leaves. Really good high. Peaceful high, different than most.
I was so excited to get some purple haze, i forgot to dump the body in the river.
by MichaeldAmmer July 30, 2004
A kick ass weed and also a bad ass Jimi Hendrix song
Let's get some purple haze and find out what the meaning to Jimi hendrix songs are
by Idol March 10, 2004
weed with purple hairs that will get you a cleaner high than other weed. by the way, the last entry has 4 ups and 20 downs, perfect for purple haze
I'm buying purple haze tomorrow, and I will get high
by James the Ripper May 11, 2006
a very strong sativa strain of marijuana that affects mind more than body
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
a type of marijuana with strong potency.
The man purchased some Purple Haze from the drug dealer.
by Francis November 25, 2002
some sick weed. Its got some purple tone to it. Its doesnt have anything added to it, but some people call pcp purple because u get messed up pretty good, but its not. Pretty expensive, and again there is nothing in the real purple, i smoke that shit everday. Also called piff (that FIYAH). Check the example for that pb j an shittt
my nigga sheist got me pifft out my brain rite now, that purple thats wat it is, yea, yea brazi i see u ova there too, that peanut butter jelly no bread u already kno, holla atcha boy
by Hi-JiNx January 22, 2005
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