A small gang in the Dirty Jerz aka South Jerz members normally carry a purple bandana or orange or both, they can usually be seen throwin up WM or PR with there hands

Many Members are located in areas around Philly and Camden NJ
WestmontHaddon TownshipGangCamdenPR

Man 1: "See that bull over there with the purple rag"
Man 2: "Yea so what?"
Man 1: "Whatta you mean so what thats a PR soldier son"
Man 2: "Word Purple Rhinos?"
Man 1: "Your Dam Skippy"
by Syn Honcho June 12, 2009
Top Definition
an engorged discolored state of the cock
After taking the purple rhino, that bitch went strait to the gyno.
by dirt_circle_destroyer June 07, 2016
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