1.Album by Cam'Ron, member of Dipset.

2. Sick sweet smelling marijuana with relaxing effects
1. Purple Haze - Cam'Ron
"I'm behind the diner, selling marijuana to a minor minor
Elder fella, lookin for that shine, Ill shine ya"

2. Hit that purple haze, boy boy
by Jiggaman April 13, 2005
Mixing grape cough syrup and sprite at a rave so you can trip balls.
Man i was hustlin purple haze until i passed out in a ditch.
by Senor Sex March 25, 2009
a strain of week that existed in the 70's but is no longer around. most is just purps but people are really fucking dumb
"man i got some dank purple haze today"
"dude your a fucking idiot purple haze is no longer in existance"
"thats what my dealer called it though"

by compton ass sean March 17, 2008
usually a strong weed, but also crips and blood colors...or vl and gd colors mix into purple!! purple haze that iz!
Nigga, i got so much purple haze in my body!
a hit of LSD in the 60's. it is not weed. people started calling it weed becasue they thought the jimi song was about weed but infact it is about acid. listen to the lyrics and you can tell that it is about LSD, not weed. some people refer to purple haired weed as purple haze but the real purple haze is LSD. jimi hendrix played every time with 1 hit of acid in each eye, 3 in his bandana, and 1 in his gums
purple haze, all around... dont know, if im COMIN UP OR DOWN.
by mike jones November 08, 2004
Good as shit Rasberry wheat beer

Bought at any local grocery store
The deffinition thats not about weed

Danm !!! that purple haze we drank last night was such a chick drink, felt like i was drinking cosmopolitians in the form of a beer.
by dubcman July 31, 2005
the strongest natrally growing weed, it is not laced, has puple hairs on it......it can cause some to have trips
damn i wanna get some purple haze from dave he is selling it 200 an 1/8
by Fat jake and the overeaters September 04, 2003

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