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Man's best friend which is that one-eyed purplish nerd waiting to shoot at the stars on the end of one's meat pipe.

That miserable armless and legless friend , doomed to stay attached on one's middle leg , to whom is administered each time it is available a corrosive cunt juice shampoo, resulting in a purple sore and permanent baldness.

A funny vermillion colored mutant living in the groin area, who expresses his joy by squirting his brains out each time the occasion is given to him.
(on the phone)
girl: hey! don't bring your lousy friend this time! he's such a turd...he just can't stop blabberin'

boy: hold your horses, this time I'll be coming only with my PURPLE BUDDY...but don't worry, I'll stuff him so deep in your twat you won't hear a word from him all night!

girl: jumpin' Jesus!

guy: I hope you flushed all that fudge out of Hershey Highway, I wouldn't want to be going home with a BROWN BUDDY next morning!

girl: I always knew you were a goddam racist!
by Penetrator II: sploogement day November 06, 2008
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