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The act of being a Purdouchebag.
Zach: I want to band together enough people to add Purdue's definition of NCAA(no championships at all) to wikipedia...

Purdouchebag :Must be bitter, can't blame you. POTFH Zach, all you need to know.

Zach: Enough with this PURDOUCHEBAGGERY...always looking at the small picture instead of the whole.

Purdouchebag: Oh damn, he's got skillz people, he goes to IU! Hahah, shit Zach, even a person like you should know that it's the little things that matter most and make us the happiest.

Zach: That sounds exactly like what someone who goes to a school with no national championships in a major sport would say...hmmm makes sense.
by Keldo20 February 24, 2009
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