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a chemical reaction that occurs when thousands of misfit hipster types descend upon a shitty post industrial pseudo campus, finding other oddlings such as themselves, do truly exist, and proceed to become extremely intoxicated, whilst listening to their uncle and his drinking buddies play shitty music in the the student center.

however there are a minority of oddlings immune to this ghastly reaction, who just happen to be some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet.
hey guys let's go to the co-op and get some of that piss they call coffee

yea! and then we can make some earplugs out of paper mache to bring to the show tonight.


purchase college: see also, cliche, poser, bad taste, bubble of smug
#hipster #poser #smug #douche #college
by girlonstilts June 15, 2009
"A close-minded, self centered social club, its just a meaningles fad. A bunch of chickenshit conformists."
Puchase college is a bunch of Yippies that think its cool to be artist. Purchase college equals TRENDY ART FAGS. DESECRATION OF ART.
#fad #fake #close-minded #trendy homos #desecration of art
by purchase college student voice December 10, 2007
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