A badass muthafucker who heralds from California and is a helluva lot smarter, sexier, and has a larger package than that peice of shit Shawn Adams.

For having sullied mine and Eric Johansen's name, Shawn Adams is automatically a fuck nut. He has no right accidentally writing negative information of me and can suck a huge floppy wang. The best part of Shawn Adams were the cum drops that ran down his mother's leg.
"Who's that sexy beast?... Oh, it's Punz!"
"Punz is Awesome! Y'all are bitches!"
by Eric "ima mess you up" Punzalan October 18, 2004
Top Definition
another word for sex .
Shenee " i'm keen for some fat punz this weekend !"

Rachael " i love punz "
by Bentley-x August 05, 2010
Long or unsightly pubic hair, as in short for "Rapunzel", on the female vagina.
My punz got stuck in his teeth last night... I really need to shave before we go out again.
by B.A.D., WebMD November 17, 2010
a word used to discribe some one who is scared or pussy
jacob: what your punz self doin here
patrick: ..nothing....
by mikk3y Jayy June 06, 2010
Fat insecure person that likes to steal from people to make himself better. He's a fuck up. His actual
name is Eric Johansen.
Shawn Adams
Punz is a fuckup.
Punz stole my cell phone to buy some crack.
by Shawn Adams December 08, 2003
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