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Jamaican term for punany.
Ayo jookin punny dats what i do for fun.
by Roy March 01, 2005
18 71

1. Small, tiny and weak.
2. Inadequate, not good enough to work properly.

1. A puny dick.
2. Like I said; A puny dick.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
110 15
1)Week, Small, Stupid, Wrong, Idodic, weird
2)An Insult directed to any one who is stupid or wrong or just being and idiot
See Gay def. #2.3
1) Him forgetting his belt was puny.
2) Oh, Your so Puny!
by T. Pune March 26, 2007
15 70
term used by female dark elves to describe female dark elven "genitalia"
I don't think I've ever seen one that puny before.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
9 69