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Another word for a slut or a prostitute.
This word is yet unknown to many so it is used like a codename in the hope that the girl doesn't know that she is being called a slut.
Friend 1: Omg that girl is a punting lolly
Friend 2: YEAH LOL
Girl: *Thinks* huh what does that mean? :S
by Knowitalllll March 26, 2013
A synonym of slut
Girl: Hey guys, some girl called me a punting lolly, is that true
Guy 1: Erm... uh... um... nah


Guy 2: omg lol you were kidding right?
Guy 1: Dude, duh, ofc
by pippanto April 19, 2013
Basically a synonym for prostitute which isn't that common
Guy 1: Dude wtfs wrong with you, the girl you asked out is a bare punting lolly
Guy 2: Omg for real?! Got to dump her asap
by pippanto April 16, 2013
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