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Someone who accepts TJ Smith as their lord and savior.
"Do you accept TJ Smith as your lord and savior?"
"You are now a Punkist"
by leabamxo May 18, 2013
Member of the Cult who follows TJ Smith on YouTube/ect. You can mainly find them on his Twitch Livestreams, as they are his most hardcore fans and usually only hardcore fans show up for livestreams. They founded themselves, but TJ Smith (Their Lord and Savior) DOES know about them. They also have an inner circle of about 10 members, who are in a constant Skype chat. The Dracman is under their command, and he and the Demon Face eat the souls of the enemies of the punkists.
"Am I a punkist?"

"Do you worship your lord and savior TJ Smith?"

"Ummm no."

"Then the Dracman and the Demon Face will eat your soul. Be prepared to experience eternal and forever pain."
by Bentheidiotgenius June 10, 2013