A person who wears punk clothes (clothes that they choose to wear to either rebel against the system, or because thats just what they truly want to wear, NOT because the want everyone to think theyre punk) and likes punk music

See also Punk (Culture)
Some of the 'founders' of punk rock, and serious punk rockers were the ramones, buzzcocks, generation x.
by Siobhan m May 10, 2006
kids who believe that they are unique and special and have a great taste in music. Mostly young adults (14-19) who think that anything that is commerciallized is bad. If their music is put on a radio or a TV channel it is sold out. These people are all about appearance and are the biggest pretenders ever...they claim they don't care what people think about them, but they are just lying because they are huge gayasses.
woow this music is really good (one day later) man this music sucks!!! that band is such a sellout for being on a radio!! man i am gay i should kill myself because i dont know anything!! We are punk rockers because we think we are badass
by jfkdsjlfds October 17, 2005
fags who think they are badass but they wear tight chick clothes and any would get fucked up in any fight. All they do is go to malls and steal gay ass shit and pick fights with older kids. There music consists of very basic heavily distorted guitar rifts that the guitarists struggle to play. The singer either screams or cries the lyrics.
"Dude im so punk and badass look at my gay ass tight pants and fucking gay tight sweater."
"If your so punk go fight that kid."
"Hell no. Hed kick my ass. Ill go pick a fight with that 9 yr old and show him whos punk.
people who think their music is so badass but are terrified of a for real no shit metalhead. Generally is caught wearing tight pants and spend several hours fixing their hair. puss bags that pick fights and then get their ass beat usually when they try to tell a real metalhead how badass punk rock is.
oh im so badass punk rocker has rock right in the name.

by death killington April 03, 2008
gay men and women who listen to heavy metal and suck each others blood like vampires and get togther in groups of 30 and dance naked and have sex
you were such a punk rocker last night
by m-t-j December 11, 2007
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