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n. An album where various bands such as,
Say Anything, All Time Low, New Found Glory, The Devil Wears Prada, The Maine, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Forever The Sickest Kids, Set Your Goals, My American Heart, Person L, Hot Rod Circuit, The Secret Handshake, Emanuel, The Escape Frame, Lorene Drive, and Set Your Goals
do a cover for a prestigious rap/hip hop song
in their own genre.
Punk Goes Crunk was released on April 8!
You can buy it anywhere or simply
illegally download it through Limewire,
BearShare, etc.
All Time Low did a cover for
Umbrella by Rhianna.
by SKRILLLLLLLEX April 12, 2008
Proof that punk is dead. RIP
Punk Goes Crunk? Sid Vicious and Joey Ramone would kick all of those "punks" asses if they were alive today.
by Vicious White Kid July 10, 2008
Without a doubt the most catchy type of music, anyone who doesn't like it should probably just listen to Country because you're probably fuckin' gay.

Dude 1: Do do do " Gator boooots..." (Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Still Fly).

Dude 2: Hey I dont like this song, hwaah can we turn it? I hate Punk goes Crunk.

Dude 1: Die!
by OICU812 :) April 16, 2009
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