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Scientific term for the widely disseminated belief - prevalent both inside & outside Greater Punjab - that us Punjabi men have extra-small penises, which are both the size & tapering shape of baby carrots. In effect, the polar opposite of the 'Dravidian Penis Stereotype', which attributes extra-large penis size to Dalit-Dravidian men.

The anatomical peculiarity of the 'Punjabi Prawndick' is variously attributed to our Nordic-Iranian descent, our oversized obese bodies, or our love of alcohol. As a corollary, it is also generally believed that the wedge-like 'Punjabi Baby Carrot' is the root cause for the popularity of anal copulation or 'Punjabi Sex' across Pentapotamia. It is also universally held to be the primary reason our Punjabans prefer Afro-Dravidian & Negro-Caribbean men.

This stereotype is based on several clinical measurements & ethnographic studies, which consistently prove that the Punjabi Penis ranks at the very bottom of the scale for Caucasoid-Mongoloid men, right down alongside the Irish Penis, Japanese Penis & Greek Penis. It is also well-known that Punjabi Condoms are, along with German Condoms, among the smallest in Eurasia.

This belief originated in Punjab itself, for traditional Punjabi culture has long been characterised by a deep-rooted self-assessment of the Punjabi Penis as inferior. Thus, Punjabi females make fun of the Punjabi male organ through Punjabi Penis Jokes & Punjabi Womens' Songs.
1) The Punjabi Penis Stereotype leads to feelings of intense sexual & personal inadequacy among Punjabi males. Thus, magazines, newspapers & forums are filled with letters by Punjabi men & women complaining about the undersized 'Irishmen of India':

- "We are the better looking Indians but yes, Punjabis are known to be a bit small between the legs. Speaking of my Punjabi friends of course." - 'Do Punjabi guys have large penises ?' Pia, 29 Mar 2002. .

2) Sadly, some Punjabis react violently to the Punjabi Penis Stereotype, when we ourselves are to be blamed for our 'shortcomings':

Battersea, Wandsworth, South London; Southall, West London: An illegal immigrant who stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death in the street told a court today (MON) how she branded him a 'pathetic man with a small dick.' Vikramgit Singh, 25, said he just wanted to talk to 23-year-old escort Gemma Dorman and convince her they should get back together." Court News UK, March 08, 2010.

3) The Punjabi Penis Stereotype also implies that us Punjabijis are criticised for bringing down the average penis size of South Asia:

"Punjabis are 3-inchers & you are the ones who bring down the rest of the country's penis measurements! Hindustani Zindabad!" ('Its official. We Indians have small penises.'
Gujarati,, 26 Jan 2008)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012

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