Violent fisting; Punching a girl in the vagina until she bleeds.
That girl bled all over me after I gave her the Punisher.
by I'm Old Greg May 09, 2008
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A Marvel Comics character who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #129; the charcater, whose real name is Frank Castle, is a vigilante who utilizes an arsenal of firearms in his one-man war against organized crime. Two motion pictures have been released based on the charcater.

It's not revenge..... its punishment
The Punisher was a bitchin movie!
I know man.... i totally want that shirt
by DEATH TO ALL THE BELIEVERS December 09, 2006
Someone who talks excessively about subject matter that no one has any interest in, or has talked about it to the point where no one cares any more.
anyone who talks about magic the gathering a.k.a a punisher
by anti punisher November 09, 2010
Two in the stink and one in the pink. Insert one finger in to the vagina and two in to the anus.
Boy, when I gave her the punisher, she went crazy. yes crazy......
by Scott Moffat/ Mike Sarver September 05, 2002
A bad-ass heavily armed person that is usually very dark, angry, and generally pissed off. Based off the comic book Punisher. These people though rarely get into any type of combat situation. Most of the time become murderers and get arrested or killed. Some smarter punishers though keep their rage in an end up owning many guns and sell munitions.
Don't mess with that punisher.

The punisher was shot after killing a gang member.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005
A great name for your Penis. Mainly a name for a large penis that punishes the vag.
Jordan " Dude did you giver her the punisher last night? "

Jake " Yeah that bitch was asking for it "
by 8inchezIn February 27, 2010
Someone who tells a bunch of really bad jokes to the point it is painful to hear them tell a joke.
Bob: dude joe is telling so many bad jokes right now.
Billy: i know it is painful
Bob: he is such a pun-isher
by the real gamerboy July 13, 2010
A person dedicated to vigilante work because of a devistating event that happened in their life.
Marks wife was shot and killed so now he's a Punisher
by MR.jsa December 18, 2005

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