Top Definition
1. The call of a dying fox.
2. A silent but deadly fart
1. "Oh S**t! I hear a pungoo coming from the woods."
2. "Damn't Grandma! Did you pungoo again?"
by ILoveRosatis January 02, 2011
Pungoo is a euphemism for the word fart.
Boy it smells in here did somebody pungoo?
by IheartPatrice June 27, 2009
1. The howl of a dying wolf
2. A fowl fart
1. Did you hear that Pungoo coming from that field?
2. My uncle Nick makes the worst smelling Pungoos.
by RosatiFamForever January 27, 2011
1. A gaseous bowl excretion; a fart
1. I make the worst pungoos after I eat baked beans!
by TheRosatiBoysAreHomo February 06, 2011
1. The sound a dying canine makes
2. Euphemism for fart
1. "Pungooooooo" howled the dying fox
2. Damn it stinks! Did somebody pungoo?
by Andy&Nicky January 30, 2011
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