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When any man of jolly stature begins to slur words due to ingesting large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Please note: The "Punglish speaker" is normally not coherent enough to recognize he is speaking in Punglish. Everything coming out of his mouth still makes sense to him. It is only the closest of friends that can decipher such foreign vocabulary outbursts.

Nate: bamb my tip on the ground.

Brian: Dude, you are speaking in Punglish. Don't worry, I'll still put it on your tab.
by Yes It's B December 31, 2009
A language used by some British Asians as a mixture (or confusion) of English and Punjabi.
Stop Punglishing! (Stop getting English confused with Punjabi!)
I am likh'ing. (I am writing.)
It feels like das saal to me. (It feels like 10 years to me.)
by Shveta February 21, 2006
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