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Pundai is cunt in tamil.
"Vandhu en pudaiya nakku" means come lick my cunt. Pundai is often prefixed with prefixes like Kaena or kerya like kaenapundai meaning stupid cunt keryapundai means old cunt.
by desiboy June 04, 2005
Of Tamil origin, a word for female genitalia (basically "pussy"). Only used to call another person (or thing?) a derogatory term. Used by many people in the greater Toronto area.
1. You pundai!
2. Lick some dog pundai, you fuck!
by Lanka January 23, 2005
tamil word for pussy or vagina
usually used in a disrespectful manner
holy crap i fucked that pundai last night
i tore it up
by soojain May 17, 2008
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