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A girl who has an erotic fetish of getting beaten up.
Dale: What did you do last nite?

John: I picked up a punch bunny last night and beat the fuck into her.
by James99999 January 07, 2010
A punch bunny is a really hot girl who doesn't have a boyfriend: the reason why is because she is so stupid you can really only do one thing with her, punch it - and leave it. IE - a playboy bunny.
Friend: "Who was that girl you took home the other night, that blonde with the huge tits and great turd cutter?"

Answer:"I have no idea. Sex was great, but then she started talking. Another dumb punch bunny."
by Billy Glide June 03, 2009
Much like a fuck buddy but this term only refers to females.
Could also be another name for someone's female lover.
Guy #1: "Hey man, got a new punch bunny yet?

Guy #2: "Yeah, her name's Amanda and she fucks way

better than Caitlyn ever did."
by Lukelee June 02, 2009
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