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1) A position in a undefined , unknown and completely fictional company. Where the study of pumpkins domestic and abroad may take place. Usually two interesting wildly attractive people take the lead in investigating, promoting and distributing of pumpkin goods and uses. Work in this field is limited too but may not exceed one month per year. The remainder of calendar days will be devoted to fundraising, research and "business trips". May or may not include paid vacations. Also, pumpkin-tologist's will never work a rainy day.
Girl: " I like pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks, pumpkin pie flavored whipped vodka and pumpkin pie itself.

Guy: " You really need to consider getting in my field, you can be a Pumpkin-tologist for my fictional company."

Girl: "Can I have rainy days off?"

Guy: "Only if we can stay home together, cuddle and watch movies."

Girl: " Of course, you are such a great boss!"
by cburgpumpkinsdotorg September 18, 2012
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