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Directing your flow of urine at that deteriorating scent disk at the bottom in the hope that your "mighty" stream will break off a chunk.

This can also apply to the left over piece of shit in the toilet the previous user left for you.
Man, some asshole didn't flush the toilet...so did a little pumpkin carving on that piece of shit!
by Pablo MonteChristo October 19, 2007
The act of performing sexual intercourse with a female while she is menstruating.
"Hey, bro what did u get up to last night?"

"Not to much, laid down some newspaper and went pumpkin carving with the wife."
by Daniel Matthew March 02, 2008
To rub a vibrator tip between a woman's labia. The term derived from an MSN conversation featuring a girl who exclaimed to the world, "I just carved my pumpkin!"
Girl 1: Hey, do you wanna come over later and carve my pumpkin?

Girl 2: Yeah baby! Only if you do mine though! I love Pumpkin Carving!


♥(youknowwhoyouareLOL)♥ says:
*I just carved my pumpkin!
by Restores Alertness October 30, 2009
the process of digging a girl out with a spoon like utensil.
man: how did your night, go?
bro: amazing! i was pumpkin carving the shit of her.
man: no way!
bro: way! smell this spoon
by spank McNasty January 20, 2012