West Virginia's state vegetable
Ay uncle chet, ya'll goin down to da reunion? NO? well i'm gonna git in da pickup and and gone down der and pumpkin
by Redwood March 06, 2006
big orange fruit that some people (by some i mean corey) think is a berry
corey thought the pumpkin was considered a berry
by Endless Helpless Hoping April 06, 2005
To fart and stain whatever is below you with a light orange color.It sometimes smells like pumpkins. Similiar to Assboom
"Dennis! Did you just pumpkin? There's an orange stain on the sofa!"
by MooCow March 19, 2005
A kind of furniture used in 19th century America.
I'd rather sit alone on a pumpkin than share a velvet cushion. --Thoreau (maybe)
by rpfeff December 11, 2003
A projectile used during Halloween to score candy from children.
I 'kin-ed their a$$es, Joe!
by Taobeth October 18, 2003
A unit of measurement for hot chicks. Similar to the 1-10 scale but can only be used on hot chicks and only has three levels which are pumpkin, double pumpkin and tripple pumpkin. If a girl is not hot she is not a pumpkin at all.
That cheerleader from PHS is a tripple pumpkin.
by Vic July 22, 2003
To give a guy head while he's taking a dump.
"Oh man, my girl gave me a pumpkin last night, it felt soo good!"
by jomammaa July 30, 2008

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