Used to describe someone who suddenely becomes extremely tired, incoherent, and who may fall into a deep sleep at night - especially if if the transformation occurs at midnight. Often used in as an affectionate descriptor and a form of endearment.
Watch out - she becomes a pumpkin at midnight!

You were a complete pumpkin last night.
by Grumpkin April 16, 2006
noun. what you become at midnight when your mother comes in and strangles/yells at you for being up so late.
You'd better be in bed by twelve, or you'll turn into a pumkin.
by treefrog April 19, 2005
A slang term for the police. The etymology is rather boring and long-winded.
Quick,leg it. Here comes pumpkin!
by Chip McKenzie February 18, 2005
an affectionate term for a red head
aww pumpkin
by secret spy October 08, 2003
A girl sucks on a guy's dick while he's taking a shit
Dude she gives the best Pumpkin
by aimak May 15, 2010
Pumpkin is the act of pimpin while crunk.
"Yeah bitch, you should have seen me the other night. I was totally pumpkin!"
by Shannon-Caitlin December 02, 2007
West Virginia's halloween pastime.

Jethro: Whatcha gonna do on halloween?
Billy-Bob: I'm gonna pumpkin.
Jethro: What a great idea!
by JesusFuckin'Christ May 08, 2006

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