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To spit at or on; To blatantly disrespect; To be a nasty trifflin' ass bitch.
Aisha and Crystal saw the girl Aisha's boyfriend cheated on her with, so Crystal stole on her ass and Aisha pumpkined that bitch.
by deric hardy April 10, 2006
noun used for people who are very fat and ugly and wear lots of makeup seemingly looking orange, can be used as a code word.
John: Yo dude, pumpkin's a bitch, she's so fugly.
Katie: Yeah I know, she also wears massive amounts of makeup so she looks like a pumpkin!
John: what a NOOB
by The Adams Family March 05, 2010
verb; to pumpkin. Describes the act of ruining a social event or night out by making an abrupt announcement that one is tired and wants to go home immediately. Especially pertinent if said anouncement occurs around midnight. (From the fairy tale, Cinderella, in which the carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight.)
"Last night was so much fun until Alix pumpkined on us."

"Can I get you another drink or have you turned into a pumpkin?"

"Uh oh, it's midnight. Bet John pumpkins soon."
by Boardwalker February 06, 2009
A sub-species of cat, characterized by a portly physique, orange fur, laziness, and irritability. Usually avoids human interaction, and consumes large quantities of food.
That pumpkin is so lazy and fat!
by zyuray January 06, 2004
What you do in Arkansas on Halloween.
Engaging in sexual intercourse with a close relative or family member. A.K.A pumping-kin. Pumpie must be at a minimum of a second cousin.
by Dish February 03, 2004
A verb indicating the end of an event or period of time, or the end of one's participation in something. It can also be used to describe a transition from one type of situation or event to another (e.g., from fantasy to reality, and vice versa).
"This month is going to pumpkin and you're not going to get a bit of work done!" (signifying the end of a period of time)

"Alright already! I'll stay up to play Halo 3, but I'm going to pumpkin in an hour." (signifying end of their participation in the day)

"Look at her! She's going to pumpkin when she see's him outside under a bright streetlight." (signifying a transition from fantasy to reality)
by GenesisBoi21 October 07, 2007
Used to describe someone who suddenely becomes extremely tired, incoherent, and who may fall into a deep sleep at night - especially if if the transformation occurs at midnight. Often used in as an affectionate descriptor and a form of endearment.
Watch out - she becomes a pumpkin at midnight!

You were a complete pumpkin last night.
by Grumpkin April 16, 2006