To commit incest on Halloween. It came from a Jerry Springer show episode.
Man in the audience: Hey I got a question for Joey; What do you to celibrate Halloween pump-kin?
by Le Mans June 21, 2005
name given to an adorably affectionate guy by the girl that cant get enough of him. girls love him and guys just think hes whipped but make no mistake he can be a freak when he wants to.
girl: man that guy over there is such a pumpkin

pumpkin's gf: your telling me (showes mass of hickies on side of neck then rows of bite marks on the other)

(girls shocked with aww and envy)
by mah bitch nigga February 02, 2014
Pumpkins... they're not forever.
"If you leave the pumpkins in the yard all halloween, it wont last forever... They never do."
by Kisainu February 01, 2008
A term used to define snowboarders/skiers who sit at the tops of Terrain Parks, blocking everyone's way to the rails and boxes. A group of these individuals is called a pumpkin patch.
"Look at those skiers. They've been sitting there for like 45 minutes. They're a bunch of pumpkins."

"Hey dude, stop being a pumpkin and get out of the way."
by xSpazyKlown0 February 11, 2012
pumpkin juice, to make pumpkin pie with, pumpkin head, pumpkin patch, pumpkin skin, pumpkin prone, awkward pumpkin,


1) hes got a pumpkin!
2) hes very pumpkin prone
3) im covered in pumpkin juice!
by TheCavern June 02, 2011
A woman who tends to act like a wench. A woman who frequently lies about baked goods and makes other false promises. May look like Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" but is much taller. Runs funny.
Where is that pumpkin with my apple pie? I bet she stopped on her way to go do wench things.
by papasmurf924 November 04, 2010
One who doesn't rally past a certain time or stays in altogether when friends are going out to party...

--- as in turns back into a pumpkin at midnight
"Dude, are you being a pumpkin tonight?"
"Quit being a pumpkin and come drink!"
"Wallace is being a pumpkin again... he should move back to Seattle already"
by bmw22oz April 21, 2008

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