When a girl gives blowjobs but she is not a hoe, prostitute, porn star, or whore.
"This Girl I know loves to seduce me by giving me head, she's not owned or poor, she must be a pumper."
by Felipe Negron July 24, 2008
someone who loves to pump their penis into a tight pussy
I am a pumper
by PumpMasterCunty April 08, 2003
anyone who is an asshole, arrogant, shitnick, abnoxious, mother fucker, son of a bitch & married to same, who upsets people & neighbours alike, person who has to spend all his time pumping his slashed tyes up, a total shit.
Nick the Prick from Wrexham is a pumper a real (Twanker)
by David Willie June 25, 2007

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