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A hooker or a hook-up girl that was used the night before. She is usually seen looking for a ride. Could be partially dressed or a little messy with the personal hygene. Lipstick is smeared, wearing a mans shirt, stinky..
The pump & dump was seen hitch hiking trying to get a ride back to town.
by Ruby Wells November 05, 2007
8 8
Dating someone until they give up some sex then breaking up the next day.
Sally is home crying because Jeff did the old pump & dump and she aint got a date.
by Little Ugly Eddie March 05, 2008
37 8
The art of masturbating while taking a shit.
Dude, I had to take a growler, but I wanted to rub one out, too. So I took a Pump & Dump.
by icemankyle November 13, 2007
22 17