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For those of you who have visited the Alcoholic Bake Shop.
It contains either Pumbleberries or Pumblegranites.

-PUMBLE PIE is another term for fckd up, hammered, drilled, schwasted, saucy, etc.
Point at that one incredibly drunk asshole and say: "You're Pumble Pie."

Or be that incredibly drunk asshole and say:
"I ate a whole dish of Pumble Pie tonight!"
by SierraSays January 12, 2010
A pie made from fragments and bloody mush left over from the extreme pumbling of a human being. The most common filling of pumble pie is mince meat, preferebly from babies or people on the losing end of a roid rage.
You better shut your fucking mouth or i'll make you into pumble pie!
by Mr.Pumbles September 07, 2009