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Injuring someone while trying to be affectionate. Coined by a man of the same name, who awkwardly tried to be affectionate and ended up beating the crap out of his girlfriend over time. Can be used as past tense, 'pulled a Riley', and present tense, 'pull a Riley'.
Male: *Goes to put arm around a girl, punches her in the face*
Female: Way to pull a Riley.

Male: *Runs and hugs girlfriend, which pushes her back against a wall hard enough to knock the wind out of her*
Spectators: "Did you see that guy pulling a Riley? What an idiot."

Male: *Kisses his girlfriend while she turns her head, effectively headbutting her*
Female: "If you keep pulling a Riley, I'm going to end up beaten up and/or unconscious."
by Commander Awesome March 12, 2008
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