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When a fight goes to the ground, the fighter on the bottom wraps his legs around his opponent to control him and his posture. From this position, he can try for armbars, triangle chokes, guillotines, kimuras, omoplatas, etc.
Oh shit I just got taken down! I need to start pulling guard or I'll get my ass whupped.
by SuperSkEEtShOOTerz January 31, 2010
In American football the offensive guard is one of the down linemen whose job is to keep the defense away from the quarterback, or to open a hole in the defensive line for a running back to run through. A "pulling guard" is when the guard actually pulls back away from the line and runs around the end, trying to block the defense in front of a running back.
The combination of size and speed required for a good pulling guard is rare and wonderful to watch.
by Kester Watters August 17, 2006

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