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Pulling A Wooten (Poo/Ling)(Aye)(Woo/Tem) Verb

1. When you think you are total baller and stand up to 20+ guys at a frat party. When in all of reality of you aren't a total badass and you get shanked by a knife.

2. Getting bsed by a knife.
Zach: Dude did you hear what happened to that kid in Berkeley???
John: No what happened????
Zach: He totally got stabbed at a frat party..
John: Who?...
Zach: Sleek!!!!
John: He totally pulled a fucking Wooten!!!!!!


Sleek: Dude, I got kicked out of the navy. I got them to think I am gay.
Zach: Where are you going to go?
Sleek: Move to Michigan. I'm going to take a train.
John: Be careful down there. You don't want to get bsed like Wooten.
Sleek: Pulling A Wooten is something I wont ever do. I may crash my car on Highway 12 going 70mph and have a 3-Way in a van with " - " but I wont get caught Pulling A Wooten.
by Espostica666 May 30, 2008
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