To admit that you are quitting your job because your employers would be better off without you.
The CEO was Pullin' a Palin when he told us we might be better off with someone who doesn't make decisions with a coin toss.
by Pyrite Foolsgold July 10, 2009
1. Having your Down Syndrome baby attacked just to get to you by the left and then being called a quitter when trying to protect your family.

2. Annoying the left by simply breathing

3. becoming a martyr by enduring attacks on family especially disabled infant sons from left-wing bloggers and also by taking on frivolous lawsuits on a daily basis designed to force some one out of office.
Those bloggers are going out of their way toward Pullin' a Palin.
by Libby Tard July 10, 2009
taking the road less traveled and not returning pathetic verbal assaults in kind.
Did you hear the mouth on that kid in the speech and dedate club? It was a good idea for his opponent to go with the choice of "Pullin' a Palin. It made him a lot easier to agree with.
by Cpt. Reality July 10, 2009
Ticking off the opposition to no end simply by existing.
Man did you see how worked up those neo-Nazis got over that Purim carnival?? The Jewish community was really Pullin' a Palin!!
by ashesnglass July 09, 2009

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