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1. To bail out of an event of any gravity whatsoever
This is usually school assemblies, interviews, tests or physics exams.

2.Also, to "pull a jeff" may refer to any act of appearing sleepy or fatigued, or to leave school early (ie lunchtime) to go home and sleep.
dude1: what do we have next man?
dude2: assembly
dude1: /pulls a jeff

dude1: man you look baddddd, you should pull a jeff
by lolathon April 03, 2008
When you find a virgin, who doesnt want to lose her virginity and work at taking her v card until you get it, then you dump her ass and find another virgin.
Mike: Dude i found this little virgin blonde, and I asked her to have sex and she said no.
Austin: Fuck her, pull a jeff on her ass.
Mike: Your right dude i will get on that asap.
Mike: I love virgins but there so hard to find.
Austin: I love tight pussy too.
by Clayton Cock Clit October 04, 2007
1.) To be overly sensitive and overbearing.
2.) Lacking a pair of male genitals.
3.) To cry over a female that doesn't really care about you or want to be with you.
4.) To be a bitch.
Tim: Dude are you crying...
Jim: Yeah man, Christy just dumped me.
Tim: Wait, you guys have been dating for what, two weeks?
Jim: Yah, but I loved her.
Tim: Wow, way to pull a Jeff... pussy.
by voodootaco November 21, 2010
Excessive use of a credit card while ignoring the fact you have to pay the money back
I want to go to Cancun on Spring Break, but have no cash to pay for it, ill just Pull a Jeff.
by Fetal Gerth June 28, 2009
To get changed in the First-aid/Lifeguard changeroom without closing the door as you feel it is not necessary.
I don't care who sees me I'm totally going to pull a jeff.
by Dominicki~ August 20, 2008
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