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And Thats The Bottom Line.
Cause DuckPuke Said So!
If You Smell What The Duck, Is Pukein
by DuckPuke December 09, 2004
Nickname for a person that pukes everytime they drink.
No one invites me to their parties anymore since I'm labeled as a pukey.
by Meijer's! December 09, 2006
When you're so so full you feel a bit like puking, but you're not really gonna puke.
"Ugh! I'm so full."
"I feel a bit pukey."
by j.fab July 23, 2008
(n.) A person, more specifically a 17 year old girl, who drinks to much apple Bacardi and sparkling white grape juice and pukes her whole way home. 
Drink less, you're getting Pukey.
by JBrooks1993 July 07, 2012
A name given to someone when they take a huge hit of weed and puke the rest of the night.
Damn, Arielle was puking all night because she took to big of a hit on that pressure!
Yeah, thats why we call her pukey!
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008