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Group started by Ivan , ALC89, Mamut, Mayin and Wamishi,
Puertoriccan Jackass Beginning
They started on the year 2009 on a barbecue at one of the guys place, and out of boredom they started playing hot potato with hot coals, here we see for the first time this crew that would be big on the former bragster, and performing every request the fans would ask of them, when i asked their manager all she could say was that they do it because, they want to show that Puertoricans are not as lame as the guys you can see on youtube, and also that they did it for fun pure and simple, just cause the wanted to not because they had to, and that they were not looking for any 5 seconds of fame or anything. This group is made of friends and family, relationships born at childhood or infancy.
Puertoriccan Jackasses
Ivan born on June 1988 on Puerto Rico , He is like the mad scientist of the group, he makes any invention that might be needed and usually suggested the most painful stunts, hes what i like to call one of the faces of the group.
ALC89 born on 1989 on Puerto Rico, Hes one of the other faces of the group and believe it or not this guy its a very mean player on the realm of xbox 360, and now on the xbox one, have made my brother play with him games to see his game style, hes wicked and very dangerous, on Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, i would refer to him as a xbonian spartan. He performs stunts and he is also one of the faces.
Mamut born on 1990 on Puerto Rico Also a face of the group hes a hardcore music afficionado, apparently knows quite a few about music and also plays ps3 as hanzotori , although never seen him play, he makes stunts and talks on intros, also he is a prankster, and enjoys the pain and suffering of others.
Mayin born on 1990 on Puerto Rico funny voice talents, really cool performer likes the island folklore music called as regaeton, performer, par time voice.
Wamishi (AKA Pinky) by the way he squeals and sometimes talks all you are missing is a troz or poing. Performer and comedy of the crew
All of this fellows are performers but also enforcers and are always picking on the lower ranks if you will of this group..
by Alany00 December 09, 2013

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