A hood ass Rican from Rochester, NY.
he a Rochester Rican, he PuertoRoc, Aoowww!
#puerto #rican #rochester #rico #hot boy
by on that hotboy shit September 30, 2009
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Top Definition
The person you fear the most.
Don't fuck with PuertoRoc.
by Joe April 06, 2004
Straight gutta puertorican nigga , grimey gutta ghetto hustler a boricua nigga whos makin money and grindin
damn dat boi iz grindin he da "puertoroc"
#puerto rico #pr #rican #boricua #gangsta
by PUERTOROCNIGGA031 April 25, 2007
Puerto Rican.. Gullyness... Gangsta Gutta Gator Global! Straight Gully! unless its PuertoRoc from HHR then its jus beeeeeoytch status! lol!
PuertoRoc From HHR Is A Beeeeoytch!
by Gullyness Rugged July 14, 2003
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