North American excrement from pangea
Puerto Ricans are under actually the impression that Puerto Rico is an actual country. Hahahaha
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by Smokey5955 October 10, 2008
The only real gangsta zone. Puerto Rico is the best of both worlds, you can't describe all Puerto Ricans as one because all Puerto Ricans are unique, there are whites, blacks, blonds, brunettes, redheads, even Asian-looking (generally nicknamed: chino) Puerto Ricans. The only real trait to distinguish them is their attitude, Puerto Ricans never bow down, unlike almost all other countries, when Puerto Ricans go somewhere, they are the boss. Puerto Rico is not just another Caribbean island, Puerto Rico is the big boss of the Caribbean, even though it is one of the smaller Antilles. A word of advice for all people who are generally not welcome, like hicks and frat boys, if you visit the island, try not to look anyone in the eye, or you'll end up 7 feet under... that's right, 7 feet.
Don't go to Puerto Rico to cause any trouble, everyone there is true gangsta.

Why are you going to Puerto Rico? you're a frat boy, you can't go there, you're gonna get fucked up.

El que se zafe lo corro, lo tiro del morro, ASÍ ES QUE SE VIVE EN PUERTORRO WELCOME TO SAN JUAN.
#gangsta zone #reggaeton #malianteo #rebuleo #los gringos me lo maman bien cabrón
by DJ Miche September 16, 2007
1) a beautiful, historic caribbean island. a territory of the united states of america and home to some of the most beautiful people in the world. contrary to popular belief and other ignorant comments on this website, PUERTO RICANS ARE NOT GHETTO. as with any race, there are undesirable characters. however, i am puerto rican myself and i am not ghetto. in fact, my whole family is extremely educated and attend/ have attended prestigious private schools. we work hard, and are contributing members of society. so before you think we're ghetto, think also of white trash and ghetto african americans. don't play into stereotypes.

2) home to beautiful, sexy & shapely women
3) latinas do it better ;)
oh she's from puerto rico? no wonder she's gorgeous.

jennifer lopez (says it all)
bruno mars is part puerto rican
naya rivera
adrienne bailon
#puertorico #latin #sexy #beautiful #ass #jenniferlopez #damn
by ricanandproud August 25, 2013
an island just next to Dominican Republic which is where the party is at. People who know how to dance, sing and use those wide hips they are born with. Luckily these people roam the whole world, wherever you go if you shout a bad word in Spanish loud enough someone will scream back and I can assure you said person will be a puertorrican. They will be loud and they will be bossy but hey they learned from the best (the americans themselves). If you ever visit their island make sure that you don't offend anyone because no matter how week they look they are stronger than you and they will have their families with them. I get why people insult the lovely loud speaking Puertorrican critters but at heart they are the nicest most trust worthy people you will ever meet.
person 1: Hey, Hey PUTA! (slut)

Puerto Rican fellow from a near by tree: AYEEEEEEe YOu from my island Puerto Rico?!
#puertorrican #holler #funny people #loving humans #their the coolest
by BlaireBrink February 10, 2014
Puerto Rico is the island so beautiful on which nobody in his right mind wants to live. This shithole is bragged about as being paradise only by those Puerto Ricans living in the mainland who know they have a way out. This is the perfect place to go if you are white and would like to part ways with your wallet. Many Puerto Ricans claim to speak Castillian Spanish and pick to pieces Anglo Spanish teachers who believe in the grammatical purtiy of Spanish. Only a small fraction of Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. proper can create a grammatical construction in Spanish. If you have actually met a Puerto Rican male who has read one novel (novella for our latino friends) you have met a true celebrity.
Echate pa ca soy cien porciento boriqueno, Puerto Rico.
#nueva jork #new york #panama #puerto rico #mofongo #alabama #new your #boriqua #borinquin
by Gary Vitalis June 29, 2009
An Island located to the west of the Dominican Republic. Annexed by the U.S. and now basically is part U.S. Puerto Rico has no identity they are owned by the U.S. Puerto Rico uses U.S. currency. When vacationing in Puerto Rico do not talk or get comfortable with the island women for they are actually penis bearing transexuals. As for the puerto rican male population, they are often called faggots due to their obsession with plucking eyebrows that often look better than their mothers. American Puerto Rican women don't marry their own but often marry african american thugs. Puerto Ricans don't believe in god but only in Rosie Perez.
puerto rico the home of transexuals, ricky martin and rosie perez
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by Sonia Sotomayor August 29, 2009
An island that is part of the united states. They are for the most part, self governing. They collect welfare, pay taxes, and vote all for the us government.
Another example of diversity in the united states.
by yankee May 06, 2005
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