A person that comes from the United State's bitch AKA Puerto Rico. Though believed by many to be a country, Puerto Rico is nothing but a colony that belongs to the US.

Unlike other hispanics, Puerto Ricans move to the US with the ultimate goal of living off welfare and section 8. 90% are unemployed. The ones that do work (if that's what you wish to call it) either sell cigarettes or drugs.

They also have the most unoriginal flag, a mix between the Cuban flag and the American flag.

Most of them live in New York City, New Jersey, Orlando, and Boston and do absolutely nothing to help the economy.
Puerto Rican 1: Hey Chris I heard your moving to the US next week.

Chris: Yeah man, hopefully I can apply for welfare and section 8, that way I can live there for 30 years without having to ever work.
by copkiller July 14, 2008
People who come from Puerto Rico.
They all mainly look the same, and are known for being lower status, unlike Dominicans.
Guy1: That's one ugly Dominican.
Guy2: Please man, He's puerto rican.
Guy1: That makes more sense.
Latino from an island smaller than Rhode Island that if it wasn't for the U.S. they would be illegal. Puerto Ricans can be distinguished by their unique style, which immitates that style of black Americans. You can find them at all times listening to their little reggeaton and speaking the worst Spanish I've ever heard.
You cannot speak Spanish too well! You are such a Puerto Rican!
by Nothing but the truth May 05, 2007
The highest form of Hispanic,known for putting Dominicans,Mexicans and Salvadorians in their place.
Hated by many for having the most influence on the Industrialized world. Intelligent enough to speak both Spanish and English. Much smarter and more talented than African-Americans,also known for working less hours but making more money because they accomplish more in that short time.
Majority live in New York and of course Puerto Rico.
Salvatrucho: yo man fuck those Puerto Ricans
Mexican: si guey,they have all the money,they're better looking and the U.S. backs them up when we have to slave for this country and they still don't like us/
Dominican: mira loko we gotta stop listening to all that shit on the radio,its nothing but Puerto Ricans,too bad us Dominicans can't do shit but play baseball.
by TuReyElGrosero November 04, 2007
a bunch of flag stealing bastards that need to understand that just because your puerto rican doesn't mean you need to go out to the world and flash it to every damn person that passes by. Such as having the flag on your car, bumper stickers, clothing with the puerto rican flags, cd's on the rear view mirror with the flag, and just showing anything in particular with the puerto rican flag. Because all of us know in the end you stole our flag.
I was walking down the street when i saw a escalade with a bunch of puerto ricans in shirts with there flags and flags on the windows and just screaming boriqua.
by The Truth Within June 30, 2006
puerto ricans are of spanish and african descent, because when the spanish had slaves they was makin love to africans thus puerto ricans came. Makin puerto ricans a gorgeous mix of culture.
most ricans if a niggarican have big booties and sexy hair, and pretty dark brown eyes, sexy skin tone, and just all around gorgeous; as far as the women go kuz I dont know bout da men.(brittney c dont have a clue of what she spittin).
by SEATTLEDIPLOMAT October 30, 2004
1.One who hails from the island of Puerto Rico
2.One whose family is descended from the island of Puerto Rico
3. Any item deriving it's origin from the island of Puerto Rico
4.Any item relating to the people of Puerto Rico/Puerto Ricans
Puerto ricans are from puerto ricans but they cant compete with mexicans.
by Ana C. March 01, 2005
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