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Signs and symptoms of an STD, that generally come after sleeping with a dirty unhygienic Puerto Rican.
Two weeks after Kim had a one night stand with Carlos; her vagina looked like a Puerto Rican Flag.
by BIG76 May 09, 2007
Did you know that the original design used a sky blue tone of the triangle in the Puerto Rican flag? But when the flag was adopted officially by the Commonwealth in 1952 it featured a dark blue very similar to that of the US flag. This fact has raised many issues whether to use a sky blue tone or a dark blue tone in the flag. Recently, with the celebration of the flag's 100 anniversary in 1995 the current administration displayed a flag with the original sky blue tone. Some historians concluded that the reason why a dark blue was used in the 1952 flag was related to the origins of the flag and its relationship with a revolutionary independence movement.
"I love my beautiful Puerto Rican Flag! It's Puerto Rico's pride and joy!"
by ananana July 02, 2007
Is a boricua symbol consisting on a blue triangle with a lone star and three red stripes with two white stripes in between...
Look Tito Kayak is encarama'o with a Puerto Rican Flag in the top of the Statue of Liberty!!!!
by marilyn_e November 11, 2007