The stuff that's not really fat and not really muscle, usually found in a roll around the midsection where the "rock hard abs" would be located if the "rock hard abs" existed. Pudge does not jiggle of its own accord, but is pokeable. Pudge is usually found on girls of medium size without too much mucle mass.

Often made worse by wearing skinny jeans or belly shirts, during which time it can be confused with a muffin top.
Suzy: I hate these jeans! They fit me great, but they give me such bad pudge!

Mary: Pudge?

Suzy: Yeah. You know, the stuff on your stomach that's like ... not really fat.
by Charline November 29, 2007
man1: Yo man, you see that pudge?
man2: Yea, f***in a man.
by mikedakwik February 12, 2010
A short and stumpy penis. Generally defined as being wider than it is long.
Dude, that guy's got a pudge! He must be gutted.
by son-of-a-pudge September 09, 2008
A fat person that needs to poop and are about to explode of a monsterous brown monster brewing in their instestines
"Dang dude I need to take a pudge, its killing me! Then well go get a big mac and fries."
by CammaJamma May 09, 2010
A somewhat cute penis with personality
Oh jesus Pudge is looking at me
by Without you February 02, 2007
Pudge is a word meaning Vagina that a lot of little girls are taught to say instead of "down there"

it derives from the cree word "pudgin" meaning Vagina.
"Man, you kicked me right in the pudge!"
by Farren H May 28, 2005
Nickname of Carlton Fisk, one of the best catchers of all time. He hit the most dramatic home run of all time.
Pudge was even better than Ivan Rodriguez.
by SoxFan August 21, 2004
A term for a man that enjoys taking dick up his ass hole. Comes from Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, because hes gay and always squated down, ready to accept Any incoming cock.
pudge had an amazing rendezvous with nolan last night.
by t3hedge June 13, 2008

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