i think the word says it all but for those of u who never heard it u know it like the "dolpin the chicken the penis
whoever put it on here first and didnt get all the fuckin stars filled bc they definatly had a pud in there face
by Jsupernugz February 03, 2003
Someone who says their your friend then does something completely low and cruel to you.
Ian was being a real pud when he made a definition calling her a "fat person who wears belly shirts".
by Guess Who, you asshole February 16, 2005
Swansonian Maskias
Fat thats hangs out of shirts of women who arent in the best of shape but wear belly shirts (especially with a belly button ring.)
Bill:Ew shes gross
Jenao:I know put that shit away
Pud Girl:Hi wanna go swimming
Bill:Run it might eat us!!!!
Jenoa:Hell yeah go go go!!!!!
by Jose Jo head November 21, 2004
It basically is... Post Urinal Drip!
PUD, is when one uses the urinal and has finished his business he may experience some post urinal drip. In which case he achieves slighty moist underwear unless his penis is first wiped on a piece of lavatory paper.
by TVC November 23, 2005
The fat part of an animal's chin.
If you scratch my cat's pud he'll bite you.
by Buckminster Reed May 22, 2005
a small baby sized dick
Oh, man you have a pud like my brother!
by apelikepresident January 19, 2005
He who loves an infusion.
He's such a pud.
by spiink May 07, 2003

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