Pud is the name for the cartoon character that appears inside Double Bubble gum. The gum only tastes good for five minutes, but that doesn't matter; the Pud comics are what you really want.
Susie: "Aren't you going to eat your Double Bubble gum?"

Billie: "Naw, I just wanted to read the Pud."
by Wewtimus July 17, 2009
"Pointless Ups and Downs." Hikers use this term to describe trails that have extremely strenuous topography.
It's nice to hike this flat lake-side trail after spending all last weekend hiking puds in Colorado.
by STHiker July 12, 2004
Pointless Urban Definition. This is when someone random decides to post their name or band on UrbanDictionary, or something related to the ones mentioned and say something pointless about yourself or the band. PUP: Pointless Urban Posters: People, who no one will probably meet posting pointless crap about who they are to build on their self esteem.
Ex. Of a PUD: Andrew: A Hot sex machine who no girl can resist.
Ex. Of a PUP: Andrew: Man, I just posted my name on UrbanDictionary and said that I was hot!
Andrew's Friend: Dude, uncool! Your such a PUP!

For further information see andrew
by Random Annoyed Person April 25, 2010
short for pudendum which is the human external genitals, especially of a woman.
The camel toes formed by her pud in that bikini were extraordinary.
by Bing82 May 18, 2005
short for pudendum, or genitalia. dick, crank
I spent all day pounding the pud.
by nut January 31, 2005
Post-urinal drip. The urine that lands in your underwear after you shake your dick at the stalls.
"Hey dude, your pants are wet"
"Oh, damnit! I hate p.u.d."
by Mad Maximillion March 07, 2012
P.U.D. is the acronym given to the condition of Post University Depression, a condition picked up by Uni leavers across the country who are suffering from the University lifestyle (drinking regularly, having no responsibility and being a general lazy bugger.)

P.U.D. is contagious and can be spread by spending to much time in the proximity of carriers.

There are a few known treatments for P.U.D. these are; getting on it, Pro Evo 5 (Master League only,) topping yourself and the most important of the lot sleeping with disgusting individuals! Sufferers of P.U.D. can never completely rid themselves of the disease, but it can be kept under control by a combination of these treatments.
I've finished my degree and can't even get a job in Tesco's, its giving me major P.U.D.

The only job I'll be getting any time soon is full time time PUD!

I'm getting absolutely mortal tonight and then i'm gonna root some absolute dogs, it should sort out my P.U.D. at least for a night anyway!
by eltrain05 September 25, 2011

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