Post urinal drip.

After you pee, sometimes there's a little drippage or leakage coming out of your penis. It's called post-urinal drip. This is common amongst boys and men of all ages. It's the reason why underwear lining is thicker at the front.
Wife: Whoa, did you just pee your pants?
Husband: No.. that's just pud.
Wife: Pud?
Husband: Yes, pud. Post-urinal drip. I just went pee. That's just a little extra leftover that was caught in my urethra.
by ebrian August 17, 2011
Top Definition
A human male's penis
We're so worried about little Billy. The other day his sister caught him playing with his pud.
by Miguel du Bris November 11, 2003
1. The male penis
2. A lazy, useless, or very weak person.
1. I lost my girlfriend, so now i have to wack my pud.
2. He just sits around all day like a little pud.
by PIMP May 03, 2007
The male genitalia - a penis, dick, cock, or dork.
Larry sat home all evening and pulled his pud.
by B. Sure January 16, 2003
An abnormally weak and wimpy person. Synonym for wimp, weakling, pussy, and wussy. Also indicative of someone with lots of fear, afraid of almost anything. A pud would run from any fight, shy away from any argument, be and be physically weak. Typically an insult equated with failure as far as a physical challenge or inability to take on easy challenges. Also synonymous with pudwacker.
Dude, just do it, don't be such a pud

AWW Man, The hot girl wanted to make out with Matt, but he got scared and ran away. What a little pud!

What, you can't even bench the freekin bar! What a pud!
by Schweinsberg August 02, 2004
Post Urinal Drips. Usually only caused by males.
Johnny walk out of the toilet and you could tell he had a PUDS.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
short for pudendum, or genitalia. dick, crank
I spent all day pounding the pud.
by nut January 31, 2005
Usually used when someone is being an idiot.
You sir... are a Pud
by Super Sexy Boogeyman Slaya December 02, 2010
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