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The act of inserting a hockey stick into the rectal cavity of another person, usually a homosexual partner. However, "pucking" someone can also occur when two straight males argue over something trival, and one sticks a hockey stick up the other's ass.
Whoa, J. Wire just pucked Bull!!!!

If you don't admit that the Vancouver Canucks are a shitty team, I'm gonna puck you.
by Bull_it February 11, 2011
To overcook food on the grill, to the point of burning or leaving a hard burnt crust on the food, esp. hamburgers.
Linda wasn't paying attention to the hamburgers on the grill and pucked them.
by p1c March 21, 2009
- To slip while fucking (past tense)
"The floor was so wet from her juices, he PUCKED on his ass"
by STRAP September 22, 2006
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