When a person is inappropriately confident with their pubes.
When a girl is super hot, and she thinks that she is hot enough, that she can not shave or trim her pubes at all. But that's never okay.

"Bro you know Megan from the office?"
"Yeah she's SO FINE!"
"Well the other night she got wasted and we hooked up, and she put on this sexy ass strip show for me."
"And then she took off her panties, and she had MASSIVE BUSH! But she wouldn't stop dancing! Her pubris is out of CONTROL. Someone needs to tell her to get it under control!"

You will find a lot of good examples at the blogspot: Guess Her Muff.
by awesometownmcsweet November 07, 2010
Top Definition
Excessive pride about one's manly parts.
Johnny kept talking today about his excessively large willy today during our discussion on themes in Greek mythology in English class. He has a bad case of pubris.
by willman3794 October 02, 2009
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