What you go through when your aged between 10-18.
Girls grow tits, start their periods and grow pubic hair.
Boys grow pubes and facial hair, their dicks get bigger and they get sperm.
I hate puberty.
by psycho bitch March 14, 2004
Puberty is a thing...it's a thing which you can't let go of..It's sh-t for life. It happens between the ages of 10-18.
Go ahead and give this a thumbs down,cause it's all true and I spent 15 minutes making it. (Or if you are nice go gimme a *thumbs up* darling ;D)
Girls (including me DAMNIT!)
If we didn't had our boobs growing,we could have gone topless without a care in the world (lol?)
If we didn't had hair in our hoohaa,mating could have been easier.
If we didn't had facial hair, (Sometimes, only one hair below our chin for ages 40+) we could have looked much younger.
If we didn't had underarm hair,our sweat couldn't have been much stinkier.
If we didn't have such a dramatic mind,we could have been more funnier...and more cheerful.
If they didn't have such a long and hard penis (and sperm of course),we couldn't have pregnancies and stuff,and blowjobs could be the only way.
If they didn't have hair everywhere,they could have been more sexier.
If they didn't have facial hair,kissing could have been much easier.
If they didn't have an emotional mind,they could have been more sweeter.
Girls start earlier than boys do...yep. Justin bieber's so lucky (and gay) that he didn't hit puberty.
Puberty sucks.

by Light Dragon February 25, 2011
Anti-Endorphins. Puberty is the essence of feeling crap. It is also necessary to become a slave to the corporations, otherwise you'll be happy and oblivious all your life. This is why parents slip you a sedative and inject you with Puberty while you are sleeping when they think the time is right.
'Mmm...dear I think it's about time we inject our son with Puberty. He's old enough now.'

'Very good dear, I'll get some from the chemist tomorrow.'

'Don't get it cut, you don't want our son to have a small dick.'

'Oh come on dear, I can't afford the full dose and you know it!'
by Forking January 23, 2007
A disease that most teenagers go through.

Begins with deepening of the voice, then slowly progresses as the teenager's body deforms and their mind becomes dangerously volatile.

There is no cure. The only known way to survive this disease is to drink loads of alcohol and have sex with a new guy/chick every other night.
Puberty is why most teenagers in the 1800's died.
by Cortana Dragoon July 13, 2005
It's what children start when they're the ages usually 10-18. It's the development of sexual growth.

GIRLS: Girls start earlier then boys do, there are no physical appereances shown, their ovaries are growing, and breast buds will start to show up at around the ages of 8-10.

The first real sign is breats, then pubic hair. They hit a growth stage, and grow rapidly in height. They usually have hips to carry babies. They start having monthly cycles called the menstural cycle. They're done growing quicker then boys are. Both boys and girls develop acne.

BOYS: They start later then girls. Usually around 12-18. Maybe 10-18. Everyone is different. The first notice is height. They grow taller, and their voice deepens dramatically. They start getting facial hair, and pubic hair. Their penis grows dramastically. They get muscles as well. Boys are typically taller then girls, but not always. Boys also start having sperm, and having wet dreams.
Boy: Have you started puberty?
Girl: Yes, have you?
Boy: Yes.
Girl: I don't like it.
Boy: Neither do I.

Girl: Have you started your period?
Girl 2: Yeah.
Girl: I hate puberty.
Girl 2: Me too.
by anexpert April 05, 2009
What every single adolesence goes through. Is miserable for every single person going through the "akward stages". When guys start having wet dreams and girls become sluts.
Puberty sucks in middle school.
by darien not prep September 11, 2005
The process of a male or female around there teens or pre teens, go through a change where hormones change some of the body's functions such as height, sexual organs, thoughts and so on and so forth. Also, it goes different for everbody so it can start as early as 10 or as late as maybe 14. Another change should be that you get "stinkier." because your sweat glands open up, and hair will grow every where excluding the places where it cant such as the feet, lips, eyelid and all of that.
kid 1: hey, my friend is acting really strange.... i wonder what is happening to him...

kid 2: well maybe he is going through puberty which makes him embarrassed be cause he gets erections whenever.

kid 1: oh ok.... so thats why

kid 2 yeah... dont worry though it'll happen to you too
by lololol :D June 05, 2009
time in the life of a guy where he experiences multifunction penis frequently resulting in addictive behavior or frequent nocturnal emissions concomitantly magnifying interest in women

period wherein orgasm pleasure increases in duration and intensity every few weeks, ejaculation distance broadens while the penis expands in length and circumference, growth in ball volume, height, and weight, deepening of voice. For some this requires an upgrade from boxers to boxer briefs.
puberty yields a growth in physical and metaphysical dimensions
by Matters Expansive November 07, 2012

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