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The magical fairy who comes in the middle of the night and leaves single black pubic hairs on the outer rims of toilet seats and urinals.
Dude, the urinal in the bathroom of the movie theater was totally visited by the pube fairy.
by Lon August 23, 2007
The pube fairy eats bogeys and shits out pubes in their place. Everyone wonders at some point in their life what happens to all the bogeys they flick and wipe all over the house, and why pubes pitch up everywhere for no reason at all. It's the pube fairy.
I'm feeling a tad peckish, where's that dirty bogey i wiped on the sofa last night? For fucks sake, that pube fairy bitch ate the bastard and shat out a ginger pube. Bang out of order.
by badoig April 01, 2008
the person who gives us our fancy new pubes when we lose all of our big boy teeth
Hey gang! The pube fairy visited me last night, look!
by zazy z December 21, 2010
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